Howdy! I'm Aimee Evan

On June 14, 1991, I graduated 8th grade from Henry Clay School, part of Chicago Public Schools, on the southeast side of Chicago.

What I didn’t know was that CPS was “the worst school system” in the U.S., according to then Secretary of Education, Bill Bennet. I didn’t know, and neither did anyone else in our community. That level of educational quality was all we knew.

On that day many years ago, I couldn’t even imagine that I’d be working in education. My family were not college educated, after all.

I didn’t even go to college right away. I was one of those “adult education” kids.

Like you, I just had a dream and ambition that got louder and louder, demanding that I work to make high quality education possible for all kids.

So I’ve dedicated my close to 25 year-career in education working with education leaders to build educational systems that work for all students, contrary to common practice, you don’t need to live in a certain area, look a certain way, learn a certain way to deserve-and have the opportunity to-an excellent education.