Student Centered School Improvement

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It’s one thing to go to school. It’s another to get an education.

Unfortunately, students attending struggling schools are missing their only shot at a high-quality elementary, middle, or high school education. And those most vulnerable to missing this experience are those who come from communities where opportunities are scarce, economic development is stalled, and investments in their future are deemed too risky. Student Centered School Improvement is about the inequality of education in certain communities.

If we stick to our current way of identifying schools for improvement, based on four or five-year cycles, entire generations of kids will lose their opportunity to get a much-needed education, argues Aimee Evan, the book’s author and Senior Research Associate at WestEd. Readers interested in the public education system, from policymakers to practitioners to parents, will find the hands-on tools in this book useful to support schools before they need comprehensive improvement and, more importantly, align critical components of our education system to get schools back on track before another generation of students is impacted for their entire lives.

Inspired by conversations with students, families, and education leaders, this book bridges research, emerging solutions, and original thinking to guide you in creating a system for your student’s future, regardless of background or zip code.

Student Centered School Improvement includes a foreword by former United States Secretary of Education, Arne Duncan.